Aircraft Interiors Association


Vyacheslav Ivanovich Terentyev

Chief designer «Open Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex»


The «Open Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex» is knit together with Aircraft Interiors Association members by fruitful and long-term teamwork. Within these years our partnership has been developing and becoming stronger getting every year new sides of mutually advantageous cooperation. Having united in Association, the participants of the civil aircraft refurbishment and components production market, undoubtedly, still greater will make considerable impact on development of scientific and technical progress in aviation interiors sector.

Roman Gusarov

Senior Editor "AVIA.RU"


Aircraft Interiors Association unites high-tech and leading Russian companies. Each member of the Association is unique in its own manner, all without an exception are engaged in world class production and, that is especially pleasant "they work in one of the most complicated sector of Russian economics- aviation components manufacture”. I acquainted with Association performance and their devoted activity not by hearsay. For press representatives AIA was before and is now a competent and highly professional source of expert estimations of the aviation market.

Veronica Sipeeva

Senior Editor Top Flight


Dear colleagues! Let me on behalf of Top Flight congratulate Aircraft Interiors Association on a birth of a corporate site! Today, no doubt, the business card of each dynamically developing company is a page in the Internet. I would like to wish the given business tool to bring to all Aircraft Interiors Association members impressive dividends, do not cease to acquaint us with news and association events, became the effective and forceful tool in your work!

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