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ILYUSHIN AVIATION COMPLEX was founded in 1933 by the outstanding aircraft designer    S.V. Ilyushin as an experimental design bureau. Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the leading companies engaged in creation of complex aviation techniques in Russia. During a 75-year period of the enterprise activity, it produced more than 120 samples of aircrafts designed for various purposes. Over 60000 aircrafts under IL brand were manufactured by the serial production factories.



AVIA.RU – Russian Aviation Internet Portal
AVIA.RU, the Russian Aviation Internet Portal, is among 30 leading Internet news agencies in Russia and the near abroad, which is aimed to support informatively the Russian aviation enterprises.
AVIA.RU is a member of the international fund of flight safety, Social council of the professional award   “Wings of Russia", and Public committee on preservation of the supersonic passenger liner ТU-144. Also, it is a partner of the union of aircraft engine-building and the official information partner of the aviation and space salon MAKS. The Internet portal cooperates with federal aviation bodies, public organizations and branch mass-media.
AVIA.RU is an information partner of the biggest branch conferences and exhibitions, and takes part in humanitarian and educational programs.




AVIACOR – Aviation Factory, Open Joint Stock Company
AVIACOR – Aviation Factory, Open Joint Stock Company, is one of the biggest Russian aircraft engineering enterprises. The basic activity of the factory is focused on construction, repairing, maintenance and spare parts delivery for the passenger aircrafts TU-154М and АN-140. The factory is among those few enterprises in the territory of Russia which has a wide experience in batch production of civil and military planes with the in-house parts, assemblies and units.




Beriev Aircraft Company is a unique Russian enterprise which now holds a key position in the field of development of hydroplanes and amphibians on the world market.
Since the date of foundation, BERIEV Aircraft Company specialists have designed 30 types of aircraft for various purposes; 14 of these aircrafts have been in serial production. 250 world aviation records have been broken by pilots flying BERIEV seaplanes and amphibians. The records are registered and acknowledged by the International Aviation Federation.



Aviation Explorer is a full-scale, operative and authentic resource of business aviation news in the Internet.
The agency analytical services have gained recognized authority in this area, and became an integral part of the information field. The comments of agency’s experts and analysts regarding any aviation events are daily included in publications of the main business and political mass-media, and widely used in analytic reviews and reports of financial and investment companies.


The cooperation with Russian leading enterprises helps the producers of aircraft cabins, aviation equipment and components to create flexible and innovative solutions and make modern and profitable business decisions.


Aviation enterprises:


PSC «Tupolev»

JSC «VARZ-400»

«Kazan Aircraft Enterprise named after S.P. Gorbunov» 

JSC «Kazan helicopter plant»

International Airport Sheremetyevo

Airport Vnukovo-3

The largest bank of the Russian Federation –Sberbank

Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation

The Russian Federation Ministry of Defence


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