Aircraft Interiors Association


23 May 2019

"In 2014, we proceed with our program on effective coordination of local aircraft interior manufacturers and  aircraft component and equipment suppliers. We made a list of products that are released and can be released by local enterprises. For example, in all of its major projects on the refurbishment of "green tails" of special purpose aircrafts like Il-96, Tu-214 and An-148, VEMINA Aviaprestizh has replaced the foreign components with the Russian equivalents by 20% over the past three years. In particular, we are talking about passenger seats, furniture hardware, lighting equipment, control systems, cabin equipment and IFE control. Cooperation with Russian manufacturers makes it possible not only to reduce import demands to a minimum, but also encourage domestic aircraft production", said Vitaly Romanyuk, President of AIA, and CEO of VEMINA Aviaprestizh.
Derbent  Scientific Research Institute VOLNA became a different vendor of the on-board control systems, supplied by PGA, the French manufacturer until now.  Within the framework of the import substitution strategy, the Russian company developed the cabin equipment control systems — lighting, call, Audio Video equipment.  Introducing new technologies, it mastered the manufacture of cabin equipment power system, which replaced foreign counterparts. To expand the range of products and increase production, the enterprise is carring out technical retooling. From 2013 to 2014, about 30 mln RUR was invested in the company's modernization. In 2015, SRI VOLNA is about to invest another 15 mln. The money will be spent on development and introduction of new technologies, diversification of product portfolio. One of the priorities for the company is to develop advanced digital communications and entertainment systems on a unified platform IMA (Integrated Modular Avionics). The quality and functionality of domestic production are rather competitive, yet the cost is 30-40% less comparing to their foreign counterparts.
In the words of Velibek Gadzhiagaev, CEO of JSCDerbent  Scientific Research Institute VOLNA , cooperation with manufacturers of VIP aircraft cabins is interesting not only in relation to the acquisition of relevant skills and background, but also such joint projects encourage the company to create more competitive and technologically advanced products.
Import substitutes are coming to the front in the production of local aircraft cabins. In Russia, they design and manufacture all the main components for aircraft cabins. For example, AKKO manufactures economy and business class seats for Russian aerotechnics. 90% of all Russian VIP cabins are equipped with high comfort seats by the local producer - KVAND. Its production capacity  covers the entire range of products applied in  aircraft cabins, including installation of IFE and satellite communication systems. Until quite recently, the Russian made aerotechnics were fully equipped with lighting of foreign origin. Today, the market demands JSCMicropriborov'sproduction. This Russian manufacturer offers a diversified line of aviation LED lights. It is worth mentioning that Russian companies have complete technological cycle from design to finished products, followed by maintenance.
"Our priority is purchasing from Russian suppliers: they are close enough, we pay in rubles, and  avoid the custom clearance", expressed his opinion Vitaly Romanyuk.
The local production are taking advantage of the situation to modernize production, and master advanced manufacturing processes. VEMINA Aviaprestizh has already invested 150 mln RUR in its enterprise development for the last three years. The development strategy through 2015 involves more investments in the amount of 50 mln RUR for  equipping 1500 sq.m. of its new production facilities,  and mastering new types of aircrafts: TU-204, and SSJ100.
For the period from 2015 till 2017, the civil sector of aircraft industry has scheduled the release of ten airliners - TU-214, and TU-204. Three of them in VIP variant - two TU-214 and one TU-204. Three Sukhoi Superjet 100 in business version will be manufactured for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. VEMINA Aviaprestizh intends to intensify its presence in the implementation of interior production projects for modern Russian aerotechnics. The local interior production has already got the special purpose aircrafts such as IL-96, two TU-214 and AN-148 in its order portfolio for the next year. Today the prime customers of the company are Russia special aircraft division, the ministries and governmental agencies of the Russian Federation.