Aircraft Interiors Association


AIA members` projects are the result of cooperation with leading domestic enterprises- developers of aircraft equipment, and also Russian aviation institutes.

Creation of each interior embodies the key principle of the producers of aircraft cabins and aircraft components- innovation multiplied by performance quality and up-to-dated design. The quality is a part of development strategy for Russian producers that includes the products quality, the quality of relations with partners, personnel professionalism, high level of service. 

Vitaly Romanyuk, President of Aircraft Interiors Association, says:

Our projects – maximum open spaces, arranged with components number minimum, clear forms. Regarding the color solutions the Customer prefers, as a rule, monochrome combinations. The same minimum means are applied in furniture design. Opal and transparent glass, minimum blind surfaces, white, grey and blue tints make the interior light, transparent and open.  The furniture is created in simple, “clear” geometric forms.

Undoubtedly, each project features an individual designer style. If to compare AIA members projects, “Vemina Aviaprestige” style- classical, emphatically severe and always business interior. The cabins are not just beautiful, but also comfortable due to the elaborate ergonomics.  “KVAND” – first of all, balance and use of light dynamic effects and one light color as the element creating general mood. “Aero Style” cabins often look stunningly, full of decorative elements and marquetry.